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Gregory V. Boulware

"I am aware of Imhotep and have been for some time!"
My Friend, Brother Vincent, sent me a message that I'd like to share with ALL!

Mind you, I did not write this text as presented...however, it does add credence to our shared concurrences, past, and destiny.

Refer and view:


“The Eye of Cain”

“The Hebrew-Israelites and Ancient Japan”-“Israelites Came to Ancient Japan”

”The Essence of Invasion and Annihilation-Gog, Magog, and Friends”

“The Great Mediator – Just Words”
Date: Fri, 25 Dec 2009 02:13:51 +0000

Subject: Important Historical Info Fw:[ascacmidatlantic] AFRIKA WEST!

Subject: [ascacmidatlantic] AFRIKA WEST!
Date: Fri, 11 Dec 2009 10:49:36 EST

Ever heard of Dr. David Imhotep? I hadn't either until a few months ago when a person asked me if I knew him due to our common last names. We subsequently met via email and it turns out he's an ASCAC brother and we have mutual friends in Baltimore, his hometown.

So what?

Dr. Imhotep is one of the few people in the world to hold a PhD in ancient Afrikan history and the subject of his latest research is going to drop the bomb on euro-dominated history and paleontology and shake it to it's very bony, pale knees!

Brother man called me the other night to update me on his research and forth coming book.

He is focusing on updating the seminal work of Dr. Cheikh Anta Diop concerning the Afrikan origins of Sumer, and is also advancing the groundbreaking research of Dr. Ivan Van Sertima regarding the ancient Afrikan presence in the Americas. Many of us are familiar with Van Sertima's thesis concerning the Afrikan/KMT voyages to the Americas extending back 3,200 years ago. Through this research, Van Sertima single handedly, in congressional testimony, caused America to drastically alter their much publicized 500th year of Columbus "discovery" of America celebration into something labeled the 500th year of his voyages instead.

Imhotep has documentation of the Afrikan presence in the Americas, not 3,200 years ago, but over 60,000 years ago! In his own words, he told me ,"Each week I find something phenomenal like the direct Egyptian-American link. I also now have a photo of the last brother alive--who is a direct descendant of the First Americans, and his DNA also matches that of the living short African brothers in the Kalahari Desert TODAY! He will be on the cover of the book.

He looks like any dark-skinned brother from New York!!! " The people to which he refers are the Kho-San/Twa people of souther Afrika who still inhabit that area.

Do you understand what this means?

Van Sertima erased Columbus as a factor in the cultural landscape of the Americas; but Imhotep literally obliterates any euro claim, or any other peoples claim to anteriority in the Americas!! Why? The research of Dr. Charles Finch and Diop has already established that the first humans, homo sapiens sapiens, came into existence in Afrika and only in Afrika from 160,000-200, 000 years ago. Dr. Oba T'Shaka has demonstrated that these first humans were none other than the TWA people of southern Afrika. Diop further states that these first Afrikan humans began to migrate out of Afrika roughly 60,000-50,000 years ago. Imhotep is establishing that they sailed to the Americas 60,000 years ago. At this point in time, according to the science, Afrikans were the only people on the planet, anywhere on the planet! There were no europeans, or asians, or any one else, but Afrikans!!

Diop and Finch have established that it was not until roughly 20,000-30,000 years ago that the Afrikan homo sapiens sapiens genetically morphed, via genetic albinism, into the european type after being trapped in europe by the cooling period of the last glaciation (ice age) period. Asians did not come into existence until roughly 10,000-20,000 years ago, according to the science.

So we were in America and elsewhere, all alone at the 60,000 year point!

This new information is going to cause major headaches to the euro scientific establishment and to their negro apologists such as Dr. Henry Gates, who have long taught us that our roots started in Roots, the movie, or that we first came to America as someone's possession in Jamestown, VA in 1619! This information dramatically shifts the prevailing theories that say, for instance, KMT was the world's first naval (nautical) power during the 5th KMT dynasty period, roughly 4,500 years ago. It shows that these "short African brothers" had achieved a truly advanced civilization thousands of years before KMT, a civilization that obviously had scientific mastery at a level that would enable them to design, build, and navigate large sea-going vessels over thousands of miles of ocean at a very early time in human development. Not only scientifically advanced, but also a civilization that T'Shaka said was the embodiment of justice, "where all the just male and females are equally empowered to govern every phase of society." The world's first social mode then was one based on male-female equality which preceded the commonly taught concepts of matrilineal social organization in early Afrika!

There's more.

Imhotep said that documentation also exists regarding the KMT presence in the Americas roughly 12,000 years ago as well. He points to the submerged stone ruins off the coast of the Bahamas of an ancient stone pier, breakwater, and temple ruins that were constructed with essentially mortarless joints- a tell-tale sign of the KMT stone construction process that is prevalent in the Giza pyramid complex in KMT!

All of the details of these revelations and more will be in Dr. Imhotep's forthcoming book next year. He plans to present his findings to the world on site at the University of the Bahamas next year. Until then, he is very willing to share this knowledge with us via a slide presentation/ lecture. Every Afrikan-centered group ought to have this brother speak to their group. I am not at liberty to divulge his personal email address or phone number online en masse. But, if anyone, or group is interested in contacting Dr. Imhotep, please reply to me individually.

Why am I doing this?

Because I am excited about the tremendous leap this information will bring about in our understanding and knowledge of our history and of ourselves. I am not his agent, representative, spokesperson, and do not have any fiduciary relationship with Dr. Imhotep. As a matter of fact, he isn't even aware that I am posting this at all.

I see the writing on the wall and firmly believe that with this explosive information, we as

Afrikans can take a giant leap forward to "Re-Take our Fame" as the Ancestors instructed us to do.


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Posted Saturday, December 26th 2009 at 8:46PM by: Gregory Boulware, BIA
Saturday, December 26th 2009 at 8:58PM

I did so enjoy reading this. And, while reading this "I' could not get the picture out of my mine, will so many of us in our community just dismiss this out of hand or let it slide until the book comes out...and if the book gets the author an interview even on a local Tv news, will the right-wing not be far behind tis with their black experts to shoot this down?!?

Brother never forget we live in a country called America(smile)

Please do follow up on this and links also...

Irma Robinson, BIA
Sunday, December 27th 2009 at 11:24AM

Thanks Greg, and I am looking forward to the book.

Steve Williams, BIA
Sunday, December 27th 2009 at 11:49AM

great scholarship,

robert powell, BIA
Sunday, December 27th 2009 at 4:48PM

Greg, as Dr. Larry Ross is our BIA community's resident Anthropologist and an ASSOCIATE PROFESSORS OF SOCIOLOGY AND ANTHROPOLOGY member...

is he on your friendship list and if notthen this will be a good time to let him become aware of this blog of yours right here on this site.(smile)

I want to know that some one besides me is going to have to go spend lots of time and energy doing doing a follow up on your informatin of my hobbysis reading ...and, as i have never heard of the SUMERS, I will begin herewith them on my computer...

Thanks lot Greg as I know I will enjoy ever moment of my research on this subject.(smile)

Irma Robinson, BIA